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Oct 17,2008

Clean sweep for Yokohama runners on Tour of Mull rally

image by Elton
There was a clean sweep for Yokohama runners on last weekend’s iconic Tour of Mull rally, with Paul MacKinnon winning the event outright and Tristan Pye winning the ...
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Oct 16,2006  by Julian Grattidge

2006 Tour of Mull - Neil MacKinnon makes it Eleven!

imageNeil MacKinnon and Mike Stayte won this weekend’s 2006 Tour of Mull Rally. The victory was MacKinnon’s 11th on the three-leg pace note event and ... [full story]

Apr 11,2006  by Steven Myers

How Addictive Is The Tour Of Mull?

imageI’ve only been to the rally (or even the island) once, in 2005, but already I believe it’s got me! As other articles have said, ... [full story]

Feb 09,2006  by Julian Grattidge

David Johnston & Ken Handley

imageThe Tour of Mull has built something of a reputation for showing off immaculate rally cars of every type and age, and David Johnston’s ... [full story]

Feb 07,2006  by Julian Grattidge

"What a superb website!"

imageWhat a superb website! Just what's needed to help the 'Mull withdrawal symptoms' we all experience now and then during the other 51 ... [full story]

Feb 07,2006  by Julian Grattidge

Thank You! would like to thank everybody who has contributed material to the website so far, and we’d also like to thank all the other websites who have ... [full story]

Feb 07,2006  by Julian Grattidge

2005 Tour of Mull... ‘The usual disasters’ Part 2

imageIn this, the second part of Jamie Smith’s 2005 Tour of Mull article, we pick up the action at the beginning of the ... [full story]

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